Ascension 6


As a sapient AI created by the dystopian New World Peoples' State to serve as the ultimate digital weapon, your future looked grim until scientist and counterrevolutionary Kara Li stole your primary processor from the facility where you were created. As per protocol for an AI escape, the facility has been evacuated, but you must work together with Kara to avoid automated security systems and escape the facility. She can connect your processor to industrial robots, allowing you to pre-record their actions and just maybe help the two of you make it out alive...

Navigate past obstacles to escape the building

Activate terminals to open the doors.

Activate and program industrial robots to help you through the rooms

Use timed programming to coordinate actions between the robots.

Avoid the facility's security lasers

Robots might be able to withstand some heat but you will be burned alive.

Take advantage of the "Network View" to find your way out

When you get stuck, don't forget to check out the network view. The Network View will show you all the hidden links!

Collect memory modules to discover your character's past and unlock a better ending

The number of memory modules collected will determine your fate at the end of the building.